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Pet Mods For Minecraft 2015

Sviluppatore TIKTAK GAMES

Are you looking for Pet Mods For Minecraft 2015?If this is a question for you, this app is the answer to you.The best idea collection of Pet Mods for Minecraft PE is here!!Your buddy is YOU. Its a unstable form of life. Installing this mod will enable that energy to materialize and spawn when you log into a world. As stated above : "depending on what item is used on your buddy, he will change to something different." Meaning the unstable life form of your Buddy can be altered depending on what item you use on it. Much like Eevee, the Pokemon.
After doing some decent research about pet mods for minecraft, we found that the pet buddy is a part of the God Entity. (no, it is not Notch, Notch was our very first creator and guards our lands). The God Entity possess the genetic composition of all entities in minecraft. Creepers, ghasts, pigs, villagers, ... .
This pet mods for minecraft 2015 app have many mods of:- Inventory Pet Mods- Mo’ Chickens- Doggy Talents- Gravestone Mod
So what are you waiting for, install this app wallpaper and have fun! Its Free!
Download and enjoy with Pet Mods For Minecraft 2015 NOW!